Friday, September 30, 2005

We return to our regular programming!

I think I can return to ranting about things that piss me off without offending anyone, well anyone important. Psychologically speaking I am about as stable as suicide bomber with half a ton of nitroglycerin up his ass and a nasty acid trip.

Oh hang fire I just used words “suicide bomber” on a public forum.
Good thing I didn’t say anything about the Taliban or anything like that…. Shit fuck …

Hold on got to get the door.
Ok back again… Mr. Smith says that you should stay where you are and not make any sudden movements.

Any way looks like I will be looking into the paint ball dingus this weekend. Loads of time and stuff like that see. Ah the smell of paint the screams of the bruised! This is what war is all about!. Not to mention the taste of my own lungs as they climb form my chest to throttle me every time I run.

Any way it’s a short one today.

So sleep tight girls and boys.

P.S. No! There is NO comic! Bad Garrick! Sit! Don’t make me hurt you!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Please be a problem we have a patient

Due to personal difficulties this service has been temporarily suspended.
We hope to resume regular programming soon.

For those of you unfortunate enough to actually know what the hell is potting:
Thank you guys! The support and caring has been great.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

There are two kinds of shit!

The thing to remember is that there are two kinds of shit. Theirs and ours, in-coming and out-going. Don't worry about either if you can hear it overhead, it going somewhere else. Problem with shit is that it has trouble discerning who's side its on. So it is best not to be where it lands.

So what does this bastardised metaphor for artillery have to do with me. Well shit happened, I was in the wrong place, it fucked me up and you get no cartoon till the weekend (if you are lucky.)

I did warn you not to hold your breath. The good news is I did fall asleep before 10 last night. At least I don't feel as tired as usual.

The hit counter says you are there but I need you guys to be a bit vocal let me know who is reading this shit.

OK girls and boys,
cheers for ears.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where has a whole week gone?

Ok right where the fuck is the pause button.
I am so not able to keep up. Its not like life is being particularly difficult at the moment, its just going by at breakneck speed. It just occurred to me to have a quick update on my blog when bam! OH my hell I have lost a week! I must have done some fun things in this last week or at least I hope so.

Ok so why the lost week? Well see I really can’t sleep. And if I don’t sleep I just can’t do squat! I don’t even remember squat! Hell I’ll be surprised if I could squat!

Anyways… Cartoon yes! It is my intent to get something out every Wednesday. Ah but its Wednesday now Al! Ok Ok around Wednesday then. I am currently working on the next character. As there is no DnD tonight, I hope to introduce her (yes it’s a her!) in a three framer hopefully later tonight or even tomorrow morning early (hold your breath at your own peril.)

Oh yes one thing I do remember about this part week: Paintball!
Man I love that game! First time I played with the pumps too. Not so bad in comparison. That’s if you know how to look after them that is. At least they don’t break down as bloody often as the Semi’s do.

Well I was so keen on the game after Saturday’s session that I have decided to get a bit more involved in the scene. I will be looking into getting some gear as soon as my financial mess sorts itself out. (not really a mess, more like mismanagement)
As with all things I do, collaborators are desired! So if anyone has the wish to discover the dark secrets of the Cape Town Paintball community, please contact me. If you know anything about it and have some useful advice or information, uh yes let me know!

That’s that for now girls and boys,
See you soon (I hope).