Friday, May 12, 2006

Radio Check

"Rest of the World this is Oscar Kilo, Radio Check"
Anyone out there? Wow it has been a long time. and a lot has happened in the last few months. Many things that should have happened did not. I aint gonna go into it here. (this aint that type of blog)

Good news is that I have learnt to draw boobies. So i am hoping to get aounther toon out soon.

Anyway if you still out there leave me comment.

Ok boys and girls see you peeps soon.


moonflake said...

woah! dude! you're back!

firstfallen said...


*poke belly*

totalwaste said...

joy! but give us some updation! we missed you, you big lug! what's a lug?!

ork_khrist said...

LUG = Linux User Group.
for your information:
a) I am not big!
b) I am not a group!
c) I dont have anything to do with Linux
d) you missed me cause your aim is up to shit!
e) updation to follow dont push it!

totalwaste said...

careful, implanting suggestings about me and aiming are never a good idea... i'll let you know the results from the firing range.

dystopia said...