Monday, May 15, 2006

Unlucky Crusty Till Wenches

Since I found myself single and out of the safety of no 62. I have discovered that fast food is more than just a phenomenon it’s a way of life. I would like to think that as a rather experienced fast food eater, I would have seen all there is to see when it come to junk food joints. Well I think I have, it is just the intensity the experience on Sunday that really did not sit well with me. Well that could just be the indigestion actually.

KFC in Rosemead Avenue, Kenilworth. Do go there if you value your intestines and sanity about as much as a kick in the balls. The ladies at the till were fashionably kitted out like they had spent the morning deep frying their clothes after coating them in chicken batter. I shit you the fuck not! but the entire staff were so filthy that some of their clothes were as stiff as fucking boards. So tell me Colonel: Aprons have you heard of these wonderful devices or is it that cleanliness only destroys the source of the secret herbs and spices? I also did notice the compulsory hairnet sitting high upon the greasy ‘do’ of a few of the cooking staff. Very jaunty angles were achieved without covering the hair and depriving the happy customer of those secret herbs.

Man to think that all along I have been deluded to the dangers of fast food. I was expecting to die from the heart attack brought on by the obesity I managed to maintain eating this filth. It appears that some establishments have taken the initiative to prevent me for killing myself with fat and salt and are trying to murder me off with dysentery or something first.

Chicken did taste good though. Chips were a bit off but that’s because I let them get cold.

Cartoon is on the way or at least the first lady character. Soooooon….. sooon my pets! There will be boobies soon!

Ok girls and boys have the fun

oh yes some one at a certain software company has seen fit to invite me along to a company paintball game. Heh! this is going to be fun.... unless one is like rambo or something. (hundgets my bru!)

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